With the purpose to pursue sustainable development and to maintain the rights and benefits of the interested parties, REGAL HOLDING CO., LTD. has established a transparent and effective communication channel, to listen the interested parties’ voices, to understand their expectations of the Company, and to take them as an important reference for our sustainable development.


Name : Sarah Lin
Position : General Manger
Tel :(02)2501-1225
E-mail :

Acting spokesperson

Name : Jim.Li
Position : Branch General Manger
Tel :(02)2501-1225
E-mail :


We provide dynamic communication channels so that the employees can express their opinions, maintaining a harmonious relationship between employers and employees. In terms of continuing education, we organize educational trainings so as to enhance the professional working skills, encouraging the employees to continue learning and pursue self-growth.


Operating in good faith, we follow the “Code of Ethics”, the “Code Integrity Management” and “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility” in order to implement corporate business integrity. We also provide our customers multiple communication channels so as to respond to the customers’ needs.


Operating in good faith so as to promote sustainable development, we have a strict assessment and selection of our suppliers whom we establish a partnership. This aims to maintain a long-term and stable cooperation.


Operating in good faith, we follow the “Code of Ethics”, the “Code Integrity Management” and “Code of Corporate Social Responsibility” in order to implement corporate business integrity.
Our Company cares the relationship between the investors, and has investor conference on a regular basis so as to strengthen timeliness and transparency of information disclosure and to guarantee the investors’ rights and benefits.

The issues of concern to stakeholders, communication channels and communication situations in 2023 was reported to the Board of Directors on November 13, 2023.

Stakeholders Issues of Concern Communication Channels Communication Conditions
  • Salary and Welfare
  • Business Performance
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention
  • Talent Education
  • Company Welfare Committee
  • Grievance System
  • Satisfaction Survey on Group Meals and Education Training
  • Welfare Committee holds every three months
  • Grievances can be directed to top management via mail or email
  • Feedback and evaluation for education training via questionnaire
  • Innovation Management of Customer Service
  • Customers Privacy
  • Regular Meetings for Communication and Discussion
  • Monthly communication meetings for quality control and delivery date
  • Labor Relations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Financial Statements and Annual Reports
  • Investor's Hotline and Mailbox, with exclusive personnel to reply
  • Add online live streaming service for shareholders and investors to watch and participate in the entire Shareholders' Meeting in real time
  • The Chairman and the General Manager attend the Shareholders' Meetings in person and respond to shareholders' questions on the spot
  • Disclosures are made at Shareholders' Meetings, annual reports, and on the Market Observation Post System
  • Information such as Shareholders' Meetings and Annual Reports are disclosed on the Company's website and on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS)
  • The Company has set an email address for investors to ask questions and get answers via mail or telephone
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • Supplier Meetings and other Business Meetings
  • Project Meetings
  • Regularly hold meeting to communicate via computer video or telephone
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Environment Management
  • Community Engagement and Public Welfare
  • Exclusive Unit for the Communication between the Company and the Community Residents
  • Sponsor and Participation in Community Events
  • From January 2023 to present, the Company has dedicated in charitable activities of 131 man time in participation, and a total donation amount of more than 900,000 Thai Baht.
  • Schools: Provide scholarships and various supplies for schools in Kanchanaburi Province and Phitsanulok Province to support school education in action.
  • Environment: In support of the concept of environmental sustainability, the Company initiated mangrove planting activities in Ban Salak, Tha Som Sub-district, Khao Saming District, Trat Province, to green the environment in a practical way.
  • Temples: Provide sponsorships to temples, such as supporting the construction of the Buddha statue at Saphan Hin Temple in Chaiyaphum Province
  • Employee Involvement: The Company leads employees to participate in various charitable activities, such as supporting them to participate in landscape enhancement and environmental cleaning at Chaloem Phra Kiat Park, in order to fulfill the responsibility of giving back to the community and the environment in a practical manner